Monster vs Zombies

The Mafia Boss is attacked by Zombies! Get the Mafia boss to call more Mafiosi to attack the Zombies. If enough Mafiosi enter the graveyard, they win against the Zombies. To stay alive, it is important to not get touched by the Zombies! If the Mafia boss loses too much of his health, you lose!
But even if you win be careful. The Zombies come back, they come faster and they will be more. It is an epic fight to win against the Zombies.
Move the boss with the red hat to one of the green telephones to call more Mafiosi to help. If enough Mafiosi cross the green line to attack the graveyard, they win against the Zombies. Drag as many Mafiosi as possible over the  green line. Avoid Zombies to stay alive, they will steal your health! A Zombie is not knocked out by one shot – you must hit him several time and they will get stronger over time!
Watch your improvement in the highscore at the end of the game.
To toggle sound off touch the upper very left hand corner. You can switch of music, sound or both!